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  • Out Of Office, But Very Salty

    If I ever go missing for over a week, with no peep on here, don’t worry. It’s usually because I’m somewhere really sunny, with palm trees, and I play so hard during the day that

  • Costa Rica Journal

    Do you ever travel somewhere, and feel more at home there than you do at home? Well, that was the case with this recent trip to Costa Rica. Everything about where we stayed, the dirt

  • Kauai Journal

    Well, before I hit the two-month after a trip mark, here’s a bunch of pics from out Kauai trip…almost two months ago. Better late than never. And hey when it comes to Hawaii, I love

  • Bromelia

    If anyone wants a new swimwear line to put on their radar, let me point Bromelia Swimwear in your direction. It checks off all the boxes: soft fabric, comfy, flattering, hugs you in the right

  • Costa Rica. Finally.

    My husband and I have been talking about going to Costa Rica for over seven years now. Well, we finally made it, and let’s just say I have no clue what took us so long,

  • A Dozen Stylin Stay Put Bikinis.

    It’s crazy. I used to have to scour racks and the internet for a stay put bikini that also was stylin’. But lately, there are so many gorgeous specimens out there, I really am about

  • How to feel better in bikini

    It’s that time of year. Time to think about summer and rocking some swimwear. Terms “bikini season” and getting a “bikini bod” are popping up everywhere. And there seems to be all kinds of articles

  • Let’s lose the label, shall we?

    Each Year, MJ Day and the team at SI Swim do what they do best. They pick out insanely gorgeous women, put them in bikinis, and jet off to exotic locations across the globe to

  • A dozen stay put bikinis. That are also cute.

    Whether you surf, dive, swim, play beach volleyball, or are known to do a killer cannonball, owning a bikini that stays put is a necessity. I gathered up a dozen suits. Literally, a dozen, that