Hey hey! Welcome to Goldfish Kiss. It’s my feel good, tropical vibe kind of blog full of art, fitness, beauty tips, inspiration, and beach-inspired style. (Among many other things.) But somehow it all comes together to be a rather lovely little ray of sunshine on le world wide web.

It’s all written, created, and curated by me, Rebekah Steen. So let me just say I’m thrilled you found me and my site, and I hope it’s as fun for you to read and peruse it as it is for me to create this thing.


If you want to say hi, figure out a way to grab a coffee (or beer), or just, you know, make my day, shoot me an email anytime at: rebekah@goldfishkiss.com

For any media/brand/let’s work together inquiries, shoot me an email too.

Because of the personal nature of this blog, I am not accepting any guest post requests.

Ok now onto the fun stuff.

Goldfish Kiss, really?

It’s simple. See that pic below? That’s my first bikini. The top was two goldfish kissing. My mom was an awesome stylist for her two-year-old gal, and I loved that suit. I wore it everywhere. Even in the snow. If I ever started a swimwear line, I knew I’d call it Goldfish Kiss, but seeing that I could never get my act in gear enough to do something like that, I thought it was a great name to start a blog with instead.

So where the heck do I live? 

I started the blog when I lived in Hawaii (and somehow manage to travel back frequently), then we moved away a few years ago to Seattle, then LA, then to The Bay Area, then to Minnesota, then to the Pensacola Beach area….and now back to Seattle. Yup, we’ve moved a lot, but somehow this thing has stayed alive. I guess all the change has forced the blog to change and it keeps things interesting.

How did it all get started?

One night at a coffee shop in Diamond Head (I was in sweaty workout gear and freezing under the AC vent at that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf), I switched over a few posts from another blog I had on my graphic design portfolio site…and it has been an evolving, but always fun and inspiring labor of love ever since.

And finally…

I am married to my hunk of a husband, and best friend, Grant. I am a mom to our adorable little dude, Levi. And my four-legged best friend Kili completes the fam.

This site is all about my life, lifestyle, art, random thoughts, things I love to share, and has really turned into my happy little place where I can make a positive impact on people via le world wide web.

So I’m so glad you found it, and made it to this page to figure out what it’s all about.


Want to know more? Here’s a bunch of interviews I’ve done. Lots of juicy info in there.


A few things to know…

• If anyone ever pays me to write or post about anything on this blog, I’ll make it clear in that post.

• Sending me a product does not guarantee a blog feature. It does, however, guarantee me doing a happy dance.

• I do make a little bit here and there through affiliate links (So if you click on something I’m writing or wearing in a post there’s a chance I might earn a small commission. High five.), and by doing guest postsappearances, events, commissioned art and product photography.

• When people ask me what I do for a living I kind of stare blankly into space wondering how to answer them…I’m an artist, graphic designer, art director, actress, model, creative gal, blogger….and most importantly a wife and a MAMA! Wahooo!

• I think that’s it for that kind of stuff.

Did I say thanks for stopping by?

Well thank you

Thank you

Thank you.

… and thanks again.