Happy bun-day.  No really, this is

Happy bun-day. 

No really, this is a rather happy bun, (ok I always call it a top knot, but that’s less punny). Why? Because it’s wrapped with love.


Say hello to 4Loveclothing, and their beautiful, handmade, one of a kind naguas. (The one pictured above is a head wrap in a color scheme dedicated to yours truly. Queue the permagrin.) I could ramble on about all the amazing things the founder, Lindsay, is doing, and did (quitting her job, selling her stuff and moving to Panama is part of the story). But basically, she’s befriended a group of women and their families in Panama, is helping empowering them and their community, and well, is being quite a heart-of-24k-gold-inspiration throughout it all. 

So yeah, my bun is in rather special company. 


Read about the company here, check out the headwraps and gear, and see the latest pics from the community as well as styles (and ways to wear them), via facebook and IG)

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