A Love Story. Wonderland. Win them.

It’s giveaway time…wahooo!! This time it’s for a duo of extremely talented designers here in Hawaii. So, let’s all say enchanté to Jess Shedlock and Alyssa Ferguson, and enter to win some of their goods…

The Shorts: Wonderland denim is designer Jess Shedlock’s showcase of hand distressed, dyed, and studded vintage denim at it’s finest. She turns high waisted Bongos, Lees and Wranglers into one of a kind works of art. I don’t think I’ve seen cooler pair of ombre cutoffs than these beauties that are up for grabs. Homegirl’s got some skills. 

You can see for yourself, Jess is having a show on May 27th with a few other sweet designers, one happens to start with an A and ends with a CACIA…more info coming soon.

The Suit: A Love Story by Alyssa ferguson is a line of hand crochet one of a kind bikinis. When I say hand crochet it’s literally hand crocheted. She sits on the beach in Kailua and makes her bikinis. It’s as boho beach chic as a suit can get. Alyssa’s suits not only are unique, but they stretch out and form to fit your body like a glove. I think it’s time for me to learn how to crochet.

So now that you know about the goods, here’s 3 ways you can enter to win this killer beach ensemble (middle picture above).  

1: Reblog this post on Tumblr.

2: Follow Jess on Instagram or twitter: @jessshedlock

3: Comment on this post where you’d rock your gear.

Ready, set, get some crochet and ombre…

Check out more: A Love Story on Facebook / Wonderland Denim’s Etsy Store

Photos by: The amazing and super sweet Amanda Kutaka

UPDATE: congrats to YVETTE FERNANDEZ – She will be rocking her Wonderland Denim and A Love Story By Alyssa Ferguson bikini in Boracay in the Philippines! Enjoy your amazing gear Yvette 🙂

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