Aila Blue, I love you

Aila Blue. For your salty days and balmy nights. Done. I am already a fan of this line, just by its tagline. Now let’s talk about the clothes…

Designer Mai Miyama made a line that’s for bohemian jetsetters, lovers of amazing cuts and prints, and gals who…just like the tagline suggests, need something perfect to wear day and night on breezy beautiful beaches worldwide. Once you try a piece on, you’ll know how special the line is. You won’t want to wear shoes, or any accessories because the dresses themselves encompass the simplicity of awesome beach style.

Each piece is a head-turner, but still classy, well made, can be dressed up or down, and makes me want to book a trip to Bali (where the line is made) as soon as humanly possible. Some of my favorites are this little backless jersey number, the Kusuma dress and my newly acquired Princess dress in ice print (pictured above).

Finally, the story behind the name, which I simply adore…

Ai means LOVE in Japanese.
La for THE.
BLUE represents the ocean & sky.

AILA BLUE translates to

and it sounds a lot like I LOVE YOU

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