Aloha Chucks


If you love chucks, you are going to love these. I teamed up with the team at QTee to design some exclusive, customize-able aloha chucks…and my feet have never been so happy. 

I had a blast designing the print (If you think it looks familiar, it’s because it’s inspired by this post)…and have a new appreciation for anyone who has ever designed an aloha print from scratch. It’s not easy.

Check ‘em out, and make your own pair with colors that suit your fancy. Hey, even customize a tee while you are at it.

Then do a happy dance.  

As I said, the more aloha print you have in your life, the happier you will be. Same goes for you feet.

Cheers to a fun new design collab, a cool innovative company, and a bunch of happy feet. 

Oh, and I am giving away a pair 🙂

To enter: Simply leave a comment on this post letting me know where you’d rock ’em, and which color combo you’d do. Winner announced Saturday.

Boom! // @QTeeshirts

Wearing: QTee Shirt / One Teaspoon Shorts / Rails Plaid Shirt / and some Flash Tattoos

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