Aloha Print Toes

I might say this whenever I do a new nail art post, but this one might be my favorite one yet. Yup. I just looked at my toes, and am now smiling. 

The good thing is it’s really easy. I think the right color combo is what made it work out so fantastically.

So, here’s how to get yourself some aloha toes. Because, everyone needs some aloha print toes at some point in their life. Everyone.

• Paint toes with a base coat, then a dark grey, black, or navy color. Ok any dark, opaque fall color. I used charcoal grey.

• Using a nail art brush and an opaque green color, paint a long curved line with little lines coming off of tit, this will be your palm fronds. I did one big one, one upside one and one in the corner. Then one little frond on each toe.

• Using a homemade dotting tool (aka a ball point pen that you dip into a blob of nail polish, then on your nail) Do a bunch of clusters of five dots. (this will somewhat resemble the shape of a flower blob) in a sporadic pattern on your big toe, and one cluster on each of your little toes. You can do any color, I did a bright orange-ish red.

• Now, using a nail art brush, paint a bunch of tiny little dots in each of the aforementioned clusters of dots. This gives the flowers a little bit of dimension. If you have a neon polish this is the perfect time to bust it out. 

• Finally, grab that dotting tool again, then paint a yellow dot in the middle of each cluster…et voila! You have a bunch of little flowers on a few palm fronds, all on your toes. Looks pretty sweet.

• Let the polish dry, then cover with a nice glossy topcoat, and delay wearing boots or any shoes that might cover them up for a while.a

Then go grab some coconut water, or a Bud Light Lime to celebrate.

Because aloha print toes (that you did yourself), are definitely something worth celebrating. Or inspiring you to travel back to Hawaii soon…


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