Aloha Seattle


One of the best quotes I’ve heard in a while is this: The only sign of life is growth. Well, thanks to this move, I’ve been growing a lot. So I am definitely living.

So, in case anyone is wondering, here is what I’ve been up to, and how I’m able to keep my sandy, water loving, beach bum…content.

1: I joined an outrigger canoe club (something I always want to do in Hawaii, but never did). In fact, I just competed in my first race. Which happened to be a 26 mile changeout. Being in a team environment and getting on the water regularly…has been a life saver. 

2: I have an infatuation with sea pleas. They remind me of James Bond movies, and I am determined to go on one soon. Victoria Island, here I come. 

3: I’ve been stand up paddling around the lakes, it’s my happy place, even if I think a sea plane is going to land on my head. Actually I love it when that happens.

4: Houseboats. These little suckers are sweet architectural gems. Even if I happened to paddle by a guy watching TV in his underwear on a Sunday afternoon. 

5: Amazing road trips. It’s pretty exciting to think of all the remarkable places that I can just hop in my car and go to in a few hours. My husband and I went out to Cannon Beach one weekend (Note: in the summer make hotel reservations BEFORE you go)…if that’s not on your places to see bucket list, jot it down stat. Next up: Getting my beat up beach mobile on a ferry, and exploring some islands. Oh yeah buddy.

6: The Space Needle. I think of it as the Jetson inspired Eiffel Tower of the Pacific Northwest, and therefore am infatuated with it. 

7: Gas Works Park. If there weren’t people here 24/7 it would be my new spot to take all of my blog pics. I am attempting to watch at least one sunset a week. Even if in the winter the sun sets at 4. 

8: Flower Markets: The types of bouquets you can get at Pikes Market or any Farmer’s market here for $5 are UNREAL. Fresh flowers have become an affordable must have.

9: There is still surfing. Yes, thick neoprene is a must, but it’s a fun new challenge to surf in complete different conditions. And I tell myself, a 5 mil wetsuit is like SPF 300.

10: Random stuff: chalkboard walls with hand lettering, flying lessons (yes, I’m enrolled), excuses to buy some warm weather clothing…and a little grocery store called Trader Joes.

…and I know, I moved here in the summer…so, when the continual rainy grey days roll in, an international airport is a just down the highway. 

Aloha Seattle, thanks for the warm welcome. 

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