Anna & Boy: A golden combo for swimwear.

Some of the world’s greatest combinations: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chips & Salsa, Sonny & Cher, Batman & Robin, Beach & Hammock, Bikinis & Visa, and now…Anna & Boy.

In 1995, when Anna Hewett & Lill Jenner departed from Vogue Australia to start Anna & Boy, the swimwear world became exponentially cooler. Kinda like when Babe Ruth went to the Yankees. Yeah, that cool. Their first collection was an immense success, and things have just been going up from there.

But, what makes the line such a winning combo? Well, here’s just a few items to check off the list. Amazing custom designed prints in eye-slapping vibrant colors, a modern interpretation of sixties-style flirtatiousness, the highest quality French & Italian Fabrics, durable & detailed construction, cute little gold trademark logos on the ties and sewn on each piece, and heck, Anna & Lill know fashion, they came from a little magazine called Vogue.

The line is feminine, but sporty, which is pretty much the best look around. You can look smouldering’ but actually go splash & frolic, catch a wave, or dive off of the yacht you look worthy of owning (thanks to the bikini). 

Some pieces that I’d give up Beer & Pizza (another winning combo) for: The sliding tri in Bee Bop, this scrumptious one piece, and whatever perfect LWB Elle Macpherson is wearing here.

I lied. I couldn’t give up Pizza & Beer indefinitely, but at least for a month. The line is just that delicious.

Available online and at select boutiques worldwide.

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