Another way to tie a top

After the last bikini facelift post, I received a bunch of emails asking how I tied the top. I was going to put in the post and for some reason left it out. Yeah. I don’t know why I did that. Oops.

So here you go… It’s an alternative to tying the straps around your neck for a more square/wider set strap look.

*I recommend doing this with the top on backwards. Then flipping it around and putting it on after it’s tied. Yeah. No pics for that step.

1: Take each string that you normally would tie in a bow around your neck, and loop each one around the string that goes across your back one time.

2. Tie the loose ends together of the strings that have been looped – in a double knot or bow – depending on how much string you have to work with.

3. Voila. There’s always more ways to tie a top. Hope this helps.

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