Answers to your Most Common Q’s


I just now realized the majority of my emails and messages from all your wonderful people pertain to four questions. So, in hopes of digging myself out of my pit of quicksand, aka my email, I wanted to sit down and answer those aforementioned questions. 

Then also show off a few pics of Kili and I, because it’s been a while since I showed her off on here too. Man, I am slacking lately.

Here we go. Figured I’d start with the simple ones and lead up to the deeper ones. 

Where did you get your watercolor book.

It’s a Punjab watercolor book. If you google it a few shops will pop up. Here is the exact one on Amazon. Because I love shopping on Amazon. It’s dangerous.

What Kind of Waterproof camera do you use. 

Back to amazon again. I use a little hand held Fujufilm XP20 (I’ve also used the Xp10, and XP40…they are all on this link if you scroll down) for underwater and laying in the sand pics where my good camera could get wet. I also have a watershot housing for my iphone, and use a GoPro from time to time.

I really want to start a blog, how do you do that. And do you have any tips.

First off, decide why you want to start your blog and what it wants to be about. Mine started as a creative outlet, and still is, but is also a bit of a lifestyle blog where I talk about various things in my life. Some people (ok a ton of people) really want to show off their rad outfits every day. Some people, it’s about art and photography. It can be as specific or as general as you’d like. A blog about your dog? Go for it. Your love for doughnuts. Yum. There is nothing wrong with having a niche and sticking to it. It’s what I’ve done and although I’ll never have the global reach and millions of followers like a more broad blog, I am totally fine with it. Also make sure your intentions are good. Do you want to inspire people, make people laugh, or share your points of view? Sweet. Do you just want freebies and for it to be your full time job? Well maybe your should find a better motive. 

Ok secondly, you need to figure out what platform you want to use. There are a ton out there, I think the top four have to be, wordpress, blogger, tumblr and squarespace. There are pluses and minuses to each. I think squarespace blogs are the best looking (this is what I built my shop on), but you do have a monthly fee. Pretty much every pro blogger uses wordpress and had someone design their blog for them, or they are a genius and know coding. I am not big time enough for that. I once tried to set up a blog on blogger and hated it so much I never returned. But lots of people make some gorgous blogs there, and it’s run by google, so you have google on your side. Tumblr is great, and you will have your photos ripped off (even though they will get ripped off anywhere on the internet. It’s just the nature of it nowadays) but it also has the chance to be circulated to hundreds of thousands of people. And it’s easy to use. So that’s that. 

Thirdly, It’s a good idea to buy your url. That way your website ends with instead of having it be or 

And finally..the act of actual blogging. Remember point number one, why you want to start your blog and what you want it to be about? This is the fun part…posting and creating content. It’s not rocket science, make your first post kind of a kickoff introducing yourself and what your blog is about (here’s mine. And it’s not even correctly describing what my blog is all about any more. But it was a start). Then, keep on posting, and post frequently enough so people want to come back. I try anywhere from 4-6 posts a week. Feel free to use that as a guide. And a little etiquette note I must add, while you are posting and maintaining your blog, if you use someone else’s images, give them credit and link to the image source. Por favor. 

OK that was my blogging 101. done.


I am about to graduate college, and really want to do what you do for a living how can I make that happen? 

Here’s what you do…Kick ass in college, get rejected at the masters in fine arts program you applied to, go on your first job interview and be told you have to go back to school. Work for a shady boss who doesn’t pay you in your “paid internship” then move back home with your parents, and work on a golf course on and off for a few years, saving up money for grad school (and to travel to see your boyfriend/future husband) who you are in a long-distance relationship with, go to grad school for a few years all while working a few jobs to help pay bills, then quit school and move to LA to work on a 2 month internship at a kick ass company, then move back home with your parents, finally land your first job in advertising, move to Phoenix, work, work and work a ton at an ad agency, get married, get a job offer in LA that folds after you move out there, (oh yeah and it’s in a recession), then fast forward two months and you are unemployed in LA. Start working for a small fashion company, then your husband gets a Job in Hawaii, and you both move out there, are pretty broke, and that little company you were working for lets you telecommute, so you (thank God) still have a job. Then after a few years in Hawaii decide to start a blog on the side, keep on working, blogging and living it up in Hawaii. Then you have to move…and your heart is basically ripped out, but it’s the right thing to do. So, you keep on blogging, designing, working, and realizing life will go on. Which it does, and it keeps on getting crazy.

The moral of the story and massive run on sentence is…I really have no clue how to tell anyone how to do what I am doing right now for work. Mainly because I never would’ve predicted it, and honestly have no clue how I got here, other than treating people with respect, working hard, trudging through ups and downs, and making the most of every step along the way. 

Sidenote: If you haven’t read this post yet, please do. 

So, if you hate your job, or are freaking out because you are about to graduate, cut yourself some slack. Take it day by day, and realize no one is perfect or has the perfect life, and it is beyond ok to never have everything figured out. I never do. It’s all about setting goals, taking it day by day, having balance, making the most of the gifts that you’ve been blessed with, and taking leaps of faith when it’s the only move you really can make. 

Hopefully that somewhat answered that question. It’s a hard one. 

Ok, one more.

I am going to Kauai/Oahu/Maui/Somewhere in Hawaii, do you have any recommendations? 

I really should do a travel roundup. Once again, I’m slacking. But in short, here are my top tips: Rent a car you so you can get out and explore, because the most gorgeous spots are rarely around all the resorts. Eat at food trucks and get coffee and Acai Bowls from the little non-chain places. Roll around in the sand, and spend as much time in the water as possible. Pack light. Don’t bring heels. Soak up the sun. Remember sunscreen. Don’t plan too much, and relax. 

There you go. A long winded, yet much needed answer session to your most common Q’s.

Now, I need a red bull. 

Thanks for following, for always asking me questions, and for keeping me on my toes. Means a lot.


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