Ok, I have important things to

Ok, I have important things to talk abut and share, but sometimes there just are freakishly good hair days that are worth documenting too. 

My hair was actually clean for this one, which has me thinking I might need to wash my hair a bit more than I think. Cause I’m a lookin’ at these pics, and I’m a liking.

Here’s what went down: 

• Add a bit of dry shampoo and surf spray to clean hair.

• Wrap 1″ sections of hair around a 1″ repeat until entire head is curled. 

• Spray with hair spray, then shake head up and down once, grab some pomeade and make it all a little piecey. 

I’ll make a video of it all soon. Promise.

High five. 

Thanks To Aveda, + Spoke & Weal San Fran (Teddy did the color and Christy did the cut), for my throwback Goldie Hawn meets 70′s rocker gal cut and color. 

I also have a giveaway going on with Aveda over on my instagram. You miiiight just want to check out. Yes, that was a not too subtle hint to go enter.  

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