Azizeh. Rocks.


I am pretty much convinced that Lorena Azizeh Abuabara is a genius. In one of the coolest ways imaginable. She magically weaves, strings and combines beads, tassels, wires, and gems to create jewelry that makes my jaw hurt from dropping so much.

It’s raw, it’s edgy, it’s handmade on Maui, and if you own a piece, you most likely won’t see another one like it, because it is all one of a kind. Well, I’m sure you could request something similar. My beach bling getup is rather delectable.

Check out her website, and be in awe…layers upon layers of bright, bohemian, amazing, and oh so rad, works of beach bling art. 

Any arm, wrist, neck, finger, or ankle is pretty darn lucky to be adorned by such gorgeousness. Lorena, you rock.

Azizeh: Website// Facebook // Twitter

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