The Baby Registry. Revisited.

So Levi turns one this week, which has me going through a whirlwind of emotions, and reminiscing a bunch over all that’s happened in the past year. One thing in particular that makes me chuckle a bit, was my baby registry. Mainly because I didn’t really have one, and when I did It had bibs, a shark robe, and an espresso machine. 

Until my friend, Rachel intervened and politely told me it needed some help. Thanks Rach. 

So, I thought I’d go back and do a mock baby registry. Mainly because I’ve learned about some amazing companies over the past year, and am still convinced you really don’t need that many things. So Bookmark this, use it as a reference if you need to get a friend/mom to be something, or pin it to the baby pinterest board you have and are hiding from your boyfriend. I think this kind of stuff is fun.

Here we go, Baby registry time.

1: Amazon – A gift card or the gift of Amazon Prime, or both. Amazon has been a huge help, and Amazon Prime, is like a personal assistant at times. With a gift card you can get all the no frills necessities that baby registries are filled with (as the need for each comes up, or all at once up to you and how many cardboard boxes you want to deal with), and they are magically delivered to your doorstep in a day or two with prime. Yes this might just seem like a no brainer. But it’s just is sooo easy. And comes in so handy. 

2: Cuddle + Kind – I recently learned about this company of hand-knit dolls that help feed children in need. Levi was given Maximus the cat as a gift, loves it, and when I show it to anyone, their response is: THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT BABY GIFT! And they are correct. These things are adorable, incredibly soft, gorgeous, fun, and are extremely well made with love by talented Peruvian artisans. It gets even better. With every doll purchased they give ten meals to children in need. Their goal is to get one million and I just checked and they are at 449,453 meals. So in baby-land people love giving the kiddo something to cuddle with. I say give these adorable dolls with a great purpose a look. I should also mention there are mermaids? Yup mermaids

3: UPPAbaby –  The VISTA, MESA, G-LUXE, ANYTHING – I was convinced I didn’t need a stroller before I had Levi. After a year of using my UPPAbaby gear, I am convinced I would’ve gone crazy without it. The intuitive design and little things they thought of with their strollers and infant car seat are remarkable, it’s like they asked parents what they were looking for in a stroller…and listened, took notes, and made it happen. In a stylish, easy to use, comfortable way. If you have a bunch of friends who want to go in on a gift, here yo go. The G-LUXE is amazing for travel and on the go strolls (I keep mine in my car at all times, just note that it’s not recommended to use before 6 months or when they can sit up by themselves). I cried on the inside when Levi outgrew his MESA, and the VISTA…I honestly use more than my car lately. *Yes, I was given my strollers and infant seat, but if I had to go back and buy each them, I would, and would still be singing these praises. 

4: Swaddles – Lots of them. And then some more – Coco Moon is a small company out of Hawaii, and I personally have loved them the most. I still find uses for them all the time. Super cute tropical art on baby swaddles = Best no brainer gifts ever. 

5: Baby Wraps – I am still a bit of a delinquent in the baby wrapping department, I am determined to figure out the rucksack carry one of these days. But, nevertheless, I think baby wearing is such a beautiful thing. I love two smaller companies: Kindred wrap (Hawaii/Seattle connection – has gorgeous prints, amazing fabric and baby wearing community) and Chekoh Baby carriers (They make a leopard print one. Yes. Leopard.) 

6: I think I told my friends I needed one of these before I even thought about thinking of making a bay registry. If you like to hike, beach walk or instantly be hands free. This is a non negotiable. Also huge kudos to the guy who worked for Ergo and pulled me aside at the Rose Bowl last year to help me adjust this thing and get Levi in it properly. You have no idea how much that helped. Once again, I am a delinquent in baby wearing, but still love it. 

Ok, I am starting to ramble. 

7: Lululemon gift card – Yes, this might seem odd, but I think something for the mom that she will love and use a TON over the first year is a breath of fresh air. For me lululemon 4 way stretch speed shorts and black wunderunders are just the thing. Give the gift of stylish wear anywhere workout lounge/flattering/comfy gear.

8: Luna Blu Mar Bibs – Ok, I did actually register for Bibs. (The cool bandana looking ones.) And if I could go back. I’d ask for a Luna Blu Mar one. Or two. They are made by artisans in Panama, are the cool bandana looking ones, and with every purchase one is also donated to a child in need. More info aqui.  

9: Lily Jade Diaper These are some seriously good looking bags…that also happen to be diaper bags. That can concert to a backpack. HALLELUJAH. I bought the Meggan and love it. My mom asked that I leave it to her in my will. No joke. 

and last but not least 

10. An espresso machine. I still think that was a great idea.

Hope this helps. It’s fun to think of baby stuff again, mainly because it’s just happy stuff to think about. Bookmarking this so in the future, if we have another one, I’ll actually, maybe, have a baby registry. 

Espresso machine still included.

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