Bangs, beautiful bangs.


The bang. The key to softening your overall look, covering your forehead (or in my case, eight head), an easy way to change your hair without chopping it all off or switching colors, and as I heard Louis Licari say once on the Today Show, a way to instantly look younger.

Count me in. Anytime.

Above are a few of my favorite styles that are pretty inspiring. There’s the infamous, timeless, uneven, constantly in your eyes, Bardot bangs (that’s the style I usually go with).  The perfect Olsen side sweep, (which I’ve tried but I can never get side swept bangs to stay). And finally, the colossal, thick, quasi bowl cut, oh so rad Heidi Klum Elle 2003 bangs. Which I finally went with in the last trip to the salon. So I even put my pic in there. It’s the fuzzy, selfie, non supermodel, air dried hair pic in there.

So if you are on the fence about getting some bangs, I say, as emphatically as I can, DO IT!

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