Barbara Eberhart. It’s on the bag.

Oh art. It’s like the chocolate chips in the cookie of life. Art of scenery and images of Hawaii…well that’s like the Godiva chocolate chip. So, Barbara Eberhart and her beach bags are rather delectable. It’s the perfect adjective. Really.

Barbara Eberhart has been creating Hawaiian inspired art and murals since 1981…and now, thanks to some seriously high tech canvas printing, we can all take a little bit of her loveliness with us to the beach. Although taking a huge mural would be quite interesting.

Barbara has a line of custom made clutches printed with her art. They are amazing. They are well made. The colors are bright. They make me smile. I am a huge fan.

Who doesn’t want to carry around a Plumeria 24/7? Or have their iPad enveloped in a sunrise over the Mokes? I personally like having a Lion Fish guard my cell phone, keys and valuables. Get one as a souvenir, a gift, or as a way to get some art (or Hawaii) into your life. It will make you smile too.

Art is kinda sweet like that.

Available at babrbaraeberhart,com (25% off action going on right now), Fighting Eel in Kailua, and at…and be sure to like the Facebook page.

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