One of the coolest things about our new home, is how many sweet places are just somewhat of a quick drive away. Depending on traffic. Yay Cali. So, since one of the most photographed bridges in the world, that’s also one of the top 10 achievements in engineering of the 20th century, as well as one of Seven Wonders of the Modern World… is only a little 37 mile trek away (Yes, I just went on wikipedia). We headed on up to a little landmark known as the Golden Gate Bridge. 

And man we scored a rather sweet view. 

So, here’s the deal. If you are going to check out the bridge anytime soon, and you want a kind of eye level, close up, but also a bit of a bird’s eye view, that for some reason doesn’t get quite as many people as the other places, please remember these two words: Battery Spencer. I’ll write them again: Battery Spencer. The view was…spectacular. City. Ocean. Bridge. Yeow! There’s a lot of places to check out the bridge, however, this spot, is my favorite so far. If anyone has a helicopter or a yacht, that might one up it someday. But for now, this one was quite a jaw dropper.

Levi even appreciated it. As you can see. Or maybe he just loved how windy it was. 

Either way, time to let the Central/Nor Cal exploring begin: Marin Coast. Santa Cruz. Monterrey/Carmel. Tahoe. Napa. Yosemite. Big Sur. So many options. 

Then there is also surfing under the bridge too. Hmm…

Fun times. 

Wearing (although you all are probably just looking at Levi) Camo Jeans // NIke’s ///Perfect White tee // Aviators // Vegan biker jacket (similar) And wind blown hair with serious dreadlocks in it afterwards. 

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