Dream Beach Bag. End of Summer Deals



I just spent the entire day organizing and sorting my closet and office. Ok I lied. A day and a half. So what’s the next rational thing to do? Peruse the web for deals and stuff that I want, so that I can de-organize everything again soon.

But really, now is the time of year when deals on beach gear (that I still think you can wear year round) are starting to be plentiful. So here’s a little dream beach bag where everything is either 1: on sale or 2: under $100…so the dream is within reach. Gatsby-esque espadrilles, a water bottle that keeps things (ahem, beer) cool for 24 hours, one of my favorite bikinis, and a soft striped I want to live in it sweater included.

Now, back to organizing my office some more.

*Click on the icons in the image (they show up when you hover), and it will take you directly to the item online. Easy peasy.

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