Beach Beauty: Cherry Blossom Toes

A pop of color with a fun little pattern makes for a cute & easy DIY pedicure…and to be honest, I can’t stop staring at my toes now. It’s like one of those cute retro but stylish prints I’d put on a thank you note, but…it’s on my toes.

DIY Cherry Blossom Toes

1. Paint toes with base coat.

2. Paint toes with 2 coats of a bright, reddish orange color ( I used Essie Vermillionaire)

3. Using white, opaque nail art brush (I used Milani nail art Lacquer) Paint the outlines of a few small blobs that somewhat resemble a flower, then fill in.

4. On the smaller toes just paint ½ or ¼ of a flower blob on the bottom outside of each toe.

4. Using a black nail art brush or a toothpick (dip into black polish), paint little black dots in the middle of each white flower blob.

5. Let polish dry, then finish with glossy top coat.

6. Voila! Cute but chic & sweet toes. It’s ok to stare.

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