Beach Beauty: Confetti nails

I really should call this ADD nails, because I started off doing polka dots, then four different colors of dots later…voila, confetti nails.

The good thing is it’s super easy, and really doesn’t take long at all to do, and is fine if you are messy or don’t have a steady hand.

DIY Confetti Nails:

1: Paint base coat and a layer of clear or sheer pink polish.

2: Using a homemade dotting tool (I like to push a push pin into a pencil eraser) dip the dotting tool in your first color polish and put 4-5 polka dots on each nail in your first color in no specific pattern.

3. Repeat step 2 with as many other colors as you want. I cut myself off after 4.

4. Let polish dry and paint on glossy topcoat.

5. Enjoy! An added bonus of this is…if it chips, it really doesn’t show. Hallelujah.  

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