Beach Beauty. Easy Colorblock nails.

I must confess, I am not going to take over an hour of free time to do a nail art manicure that will most likely chip off within a few days. However, if I find a cool way to cheat a nail art look, I’m gonna paint away amigo.

There are a lot of cool colorblocked nails out there, and an easy way to mimic this effect is with a normal, everyday rubber band.

Simply do the following:

• Paint nails the main color you want.

• Let polish dry.

• Using a thick rubber band wrap it around your finger so it’s flat, thus creating a barrier.

• Paint part of your nail another color.

• This probably makes no sense written out, hopefully the picure above illustrated how easy it is.

Cheers to easy peasy, non ambidextrous friendly nail art tricks.

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