Beach Beauty: Healthy Tan, Sun Included

I have three doctors, one make up artist, and one aesthetician backing me up on this: There is a safe way to gradually get a golden tan like Ms. Natasha Poly pictured above.

It’s simple & surprisingly beneficial; 20 minutes of sun exposure once a day. (20 minutes on each side if you are laying out.) Think of it as baby step tanning. Plus, there are more benefits other than having a bronze glow. Regular consistent small amounts of exposure to the sun (without burning) can actually have a protective effect on the skin, increases much-needed Vitamin D levels in the body, improves your mood (when DON’T you feel happier & more energetic after being outside?), helps depression, and dozens of other perks.

The sun’s rays aren’t deadly folks. We’d be S.O.L. on Earth without them – just use them in moderation for aesthetic purposes, and if you are going to be out more than 20 minutes, use common sense: cover up, find some shade & slather on some SPF.

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