Beach Beauty: Matte & Shiny Dotted Mani

Matte nails. Love ‘em, everything about ’em. Pair it with some strategically placed shiny topcoat and you have some nails that look like they’ve been pecked by a rain shower.

Here’s the how to. It’s simple.

1. Paint nails as you normally would. Opaque, non shimmery colors work the best.

2. Using a matte topcoat (I used Essie Matte About You) apply a layer to each nail and watch that gloss go buh buy. Alas, nails that look like velvet. Pretty sweet.

3. Using a homemade dotting tool (my favorite is a push pin stuck into a pencil eraser) place random dots of a super glossy top coat all over nails.

4. Let polish dry

Enjoy your velvety yet glosstastic nails.

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