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It’s official. My bathroom looks like an unorganized Sephora. And my husband is SO thrilled. But at least it’s for a good reason. There’s a LOT of great, make me feel vibrant and fantastic products out there, that I love to test out, and shout their praises when they actually make a difference…in looks, mood, or hair days.

So, without any more delay, here’s my once a month (that if I’m lucky I get around to posting every three months) lineup of beauty products that are helping me look and feel great even when I’m wearing the same yoga pants and hoodie four days in a row. 

Top to bottom, Left to right:

• IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin CC Skin Perfecting Brush #702 – Ok, I never once used any sort of brush to put on my CC cream, foundation, tinted moisturizer…until I was sent this beauty. And now I use to apply whatever makeup I’m wearing…every day. Why? You use way less makeup, yet it goes on super evenly, and makes my complexion look way more smooth and glowing than it truly is. Not sure if this is the case with every foundation brush, but I’m kind of in awe. I just really need to wash it. Oops.  

Malia B perfume ( Malia or Luv are my favorites) – See that little tube of perfume oil? It’s heavenly. Seriously it’s heaven’s scent. In an alcohol free, natural, subtle, long lasting way. Now this part is cool…the first person to ever gift me anything on my blog, was a woman who made perfume oils in Santa Barbara named Sharon Bolton. Well, Malia B is Sharon’s new rebranded line, now named after her daughter. I was a fan then, and have been one ever since. Congrats Sharon, so glad to have you back as Malia B…and my nose sends you a bouquet of flowers and a love note as well. 

• Kopari Coconut Crush Body scrub – If you love a good, use with the water off, scrub that doesn’t leave your shower looking like a coffee grind fiesta, check out this stuff. Aka it’s the only body scrub I’ve used that holds its own with coffee scrubs. In fact, it leaves my skin feeling even more hydrated afterwards. Just a great, all around, hydrating and effective, tropical vibe scrub.

• Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 – Just plan on seeing something from Supergoop in these posts for a while. I’ve always been a fan of their sunscreen, now I am a HUGE fan of this everyday facial moisturizer. That is also a sunscreen. I love double duty products, and this stuff does quadruple duty: Hydrates, protects, is full of Vitamins E and B5, helps improve skin tone, and is a great primer. It’s a superdupergoop. 

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask – Speaking of multi taskers, this glorious concoction from Fresh can be worn as a mask, used to spot treat zits, or put on damp skin as a cleanser. I mainly use it as a cleanser when my skin is having a greasy day, and really love it. Ok, I might forget to wash it off right away so I guess I use it as a mask sometimes too. 

Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Spray – This stuff rocks. I doubt I’ve ever really used it the way I am supposed to, but so far It’s been a great texturizer and messifier of my lob. Mainly I scrunch it in with some coconut oil on damp hair and let it air dry. I’m a fan. 

Kai Body Buffers – Kai. You all know how I feel about kai. Kai is my happy place in the beauty world. These body buffers are loofas that are pre-loaded with blissful, hydrating, kai goodness. Just put it under your shower and lather up. Each buffer lasts for 30 showers, smells fantastic, and is really quite fascinating. (makes a great gift too)

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3 in 1 cleansing balm – Ok, cleansing balms are apparently all the rage right now. And rightfully so. I’m learning that harsh cleansers can pave the way for a buttload of skin problems, Hydrating, oily cleansing balms to the rescue. This one happens to by my favorite at the moment. It’s texture is like a super lightweight whipped coconut oil, takes off makeup with ease, and leaves my skin clean and pretty darn dewey afterwards. 

Nourish Organics Rosewater and With Hazel Balancing Facial Toner – I love this stuff. Apparently my husband does too. We went through this bottle way too fast, because we both were spraying it on our faces all the time. Is a great mid day pick me up for my skin as well. Rosewater, witch hazel, aloe, all natural and organic. Yay. 

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep smoother – I never knew I actually had frizzy hair, until I used this and it made my hair return to it’s previous shiny and sleek state. So not sure if I do have frizzy hair, or it just makes any hair incredibly smooth, soft, shiny and manageable. I’m in awe. 

Skin Clinical Extreme Healing Concentrate – Given this cream is supposed to help with your most dry/damaged spots…I’ve been using it on my neck and chest. I should’ve done a before and after pic, but so far those areas are feeling muuuuch better and hydrated. I had my mom also try it and she took a tube home with her because she was loving it so much. Bonus points for being under $40 too. 

and finally…

Pixie by Petra MultiBalm – These little cuties are fun, bright and creamy sticks that can be used on your cheeks or eyes. I told you I love multitaskers. They also contain aloe vera, shea butter, and rose hip oil. And they also make me really happy when I find one in my purse. 

Lineup. October 2017. Donezo.


**Oh yeah. In an effort to help my bathroom NOT look like an unorganized Sephora, I’m giving away a box full of beauty products for you to try (unused, promise). To enter: just let me know what your favorite product was from this post. Winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week (October 28th) ENTIRES CLOSED: Congrats to our winner Mia! You’ve been emailed/notified in the comments. Thank you all for entering. Will do my best to get another beauty Lineup post ( and giveaway) up next month! – Rebekah

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