Beach Beauty: Sand Scrub

If you are broke or low on extra pampering funds, like 90% of us, and love spa treatments (like 100% of us) I found (and frequently use) a great, free spa treatment, that leaves your skin amazingly soft, and is also quite the conversation starter.

Free, exfoliating body sand scrub:

1. Go to the beach. Wear a suit that show a lot of skin.

2. Go up to where the ocean is breaking and grab two hand fulls of wet sand.

3. Scrub & rub a dub the sand all over your body. Have a friend/boyfriend/pal/creepy old man staring at you get your upper back.

4. Dive into the ocean and rinse off the sand (& all your dead skin)

5. Dry off and put on sunscreen. Your skin should feel like buttah.

6. Save the $120 you saved by not getting a spa treatment and buy a new bikini.

*Lanikai beach on Oahu is the BEST for this one.

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