Beach Beauty: Sharon Bolton, Take Me Away

Sometimes, you just need to get away. But realistically 99% of us can’t hop on a plane to a private island in Fiji for a week of sun, isolation and relaxation. Enter Sharon Bolton and her natural, luxurious, take me away to paradise perfume oils. Yes, one whiff of these and I feel like I just stepped off a two propeller plane onto a tiny landing strip on a remote island in the south Pacific.

These scents are alcohol free, all natural, long lasting, and most importantly – never got the “you smell like an old lady” reaction from my husband. Everything is kept simple (4 scents) and I love em all:

LUV – Gardenia and vanilla w a little musk. I actually wear this to sleep and think I have great dreams as a result. Love it. 

SOUL – A pineapple coconut musk concoction you want to bathe in. My favorite beach scent.

DREAM – A floral bouquet that doubles as a relaxing stress reliever. Ahhhhsome.

TRUTH – The citrus sister of the group. Fresh, clean tangy and soft. Perfect for summer.

All scents come in Perfume oil, Soy Candles, Body lotions or Shower creams. So not only you, but anyone who gets a whiff of you, will be whisked away to whatever paradise their nose deems appropriate.

Available at: or any stores listed here.

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