Beach Beauty: Strawberry Toes

My 3 year old niece, Ella, was the guinea pig for the latest DIY Pedicure. She wanted Strawberry toes, so I was going to give them to her no matter what. So if anyone has a little daughter, cousin, niece or friend who can sit still, this is the cutest little pedicure ever.

It also looks great on adult toes. In case you want to try it out.

DIY Strawberry Toes:

1. Paint base coat.

2. Paint toes a bright deep strawberry pink color.

3. Using a white nail art brush, in the center of each toe, by the base of the nail, paint three skinny triangles that connect at the base, to make the strawberry leaves.

4. Paint over the white with a bright green nail polish (if you can find a nail art brush that will work best.) By doing white first, the green will be much brighter.

5. Using either a black or yellow polish and dotting tool, paint a few tiny dots on each toe for the strawberry seeds.

6. Let polish dry completely, then cover with glossy topcoat.

Eat your heart out Strawberry Shortcake.

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