Beach Beauty: Striped Nails

The beach is a blast (pool or lake too), and your nails should be up to par in festiveness. So it’s time to ditch the french manicure and natural colors, while spicing things up with some stripes. It’s super easy to do yourself (even if you aren’t ambidextrous), and will save you a $20 trip to that odd smelling nail salon down at the nearest strip mall.

Easy Striped Manicure. 

*The more opaque the polish, the better.

1. Paint a base coat.

2. Paint all your nails in any color you choose.

3. In one stroke going from the outside of the nail to the inside (left to right or right to left), paint the upper part of your nails another color (like you are doing a french tip but thicker so it’s not just the tip.

4. Chose one last color and paint another stroke, now in the middle.

5. Your nails should now be three thick stripes of lacquered fun. Wait a few minutes for polish to set, then apply top coat.

6. Pat yourself on the back because it looks that cool – just do it gently so you don’t smudge.

* Polish I used in the above pic: Pink: Essie- Fiji, Gold Milani- Key Lime Shine, and Illamasqua- Nudge (available at Sephora).

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