Beach Bucket List in a Bikini

Beach Bucket List in a Bikini

1. Live in an over-water bungalow in the Maldives – in Mikoh

2. Jump off a waterfall in Hana – in Acacia

3. Roam around Bali – in Indah

4. Visit and hopefully surf J-Bay – Most likely in a Tallow wetsuit

5. Island Hop and get a massage everyday in Thailand – in Minimale Animale

6. Fiji or Tahiti… or both – in Tori Praver or Letarte… or both.

7. Charter a Catamaran in the BVIs – in Tyler Rose

8. Surf trip in the Mentawais – in Tavik

9. Travel around Central and South America for a month or so, with no agenda – in Salinas, Dkoko, Ola Feroz, Dvit, and whatever other lines I discover along the way.

10. Even if I never make it to any of the 9 above, continue to feel beyond blessed and never take living in paradise for granted – in whatever bikini I throw on or mix & match together that day.

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