Just a few little, unfiltered snippets

Just a few little, unfiltered snippets of life on repeat. 

Yay beach gifs.

Left to right, top to bottom:

• Pic attempts with Levi: The “make a funny face” method seems to be working rather well these days.

• I did a time lapse video of a massive storm rolling in…here’s the last few seconds of it. DANG that cloud was gorgeous.

• One of those early mornings when I went for a run, then immediately went home and got my longboard…

• Then Levi playing on my longboard after the aforementioned morning surf sesh. ( It was a GREAT one by the way.)

• Beating the heat with a smile. Suit by Vitamin A (It’s made out of recycled nylon fiber. Vitamin A rocks.)

• Windy afternoon run on the pier. It was really, really windy. This one cracks me up.

…and many many more. I take too many pics. 

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