Beach hair 101: Tips for a sucessful air-dry.

Being able to take the time to actually attempt a blow out on my tresses is a luxury. I like to think of it not as being lazy or a result of procrastination, but a way to relate with my ancestors who were alive before electricity.

Anyways, by rarely getting to blow dry my hair, and frequently hopping in the ocean,  I’ve discovered a few fun ways to still control how your hair looks, that amazingly enough turn out deceptively well styled.

Air Drying style tips:

*a good leave in hair conditioner is recommended. I love Moroccanoil or biosilk.

1: Tuck the hair around your face behind your ears until it is dry. When it’s dry, untuck and you will have a natural face framing curl. (This works insanely well. Total life saver.)

2: Part hair in the opposite direction you normally do, let dry, then flip to your normal part. Va-vavoom! easy volume.

3: Tie hair in a knot on top of you hair until it dries, undo knot. Oh, hello natural wave.

4: Put hair in a loose French braid. Tie it as loosely as possible at the end (or not at all). Let hair dry and comb through with fingers.

5: Go to bed with wet hair. You will wake up with great bed head and unpredictable style 🙂

Air drying: Save time, save energy, save your hair. High five.

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