Beach hair 101: top knot waves

Me and my hairdryer have been on a break since moving to Hawaii, along with ever having more than 5 minutes to get ready for the rare occasion I need to look presentable. So I’ve developed a few tricks to attaining some good looking hair, with little or no effort.

Thought I’d be nice and share.

How to easily get shiny, wavy beach hair.

1. Shower

2. Don’t plug in or go near your hairdryer. Just towel dry.

3. Apply a small amount of mousse to your hair (quarter size)

4. When hair is almost air dried, but still damp, massage a dime size amount of leave in conditioner ( J’adore biosilk)

5. Gather hair on top or your head in a high ponytail. twist and tie in a knot ( if long enough – if not, make a tight bun) and loosely secure with a rubber band or bobby pins.

6. When hair is dry, undo the knot/bun and voila…glossy. natural waves that hardly took any effort so you won’t mind hopping in the ocean 30 minutes later.

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