Beach Hair 101: Hair in knots

Usually knots and hair are something one tries to avoid. Unless it is a strategic & stylish double one that doesn’t require a brush to undo. Enter the double hair knot, a tousled, beachy way to pull your hair back that looks complicated but takes less than a minute to do.

I’ve found that the longer and dirtier or saltier your hair is, the better it looks and more it sticks, so its a great way to look presentable if you don’t have a lot of time to get ready, just hopped off the beach, or don’t feel like showering (Or all of the above. Welcome to my world). An easy, low maintenance ‘do that’s a time saver but looks cool. Ok enough rambling, here’s the how-to…

1. Divide hair into 2 sections.

2. Twist each section outwards, creating two “ropes”

3. Tie the “ropes” in a knot just like you would when you start to tie your shoes.

4. Repeat and tie once again in a knot. Donezo!

5. If you want, pin in place.

6. Pick plumeria off a tree and stik in there for added style points.

Enjoy! This one’s addicting.  

Thanks to Kirsten at Triple Max Tons for introducing me to this one a while ago. Love it.

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