Beach Hair 101: Scarf it up


There are two fun, rather beachy ways to use a scarf in which you don’t look like Rambo, a pirate, or deal with it constantly falling off of your head. Plus your hair will be up and out of the way. They are easy, breezy and make you want to dig around a find a cool old vintage number to try it with.

1: Braided in

Pull your sides up & secure with a clip. Fold a scarf in half, secure a bobby pin along the fold, and pin to your scalp. Let your sides down to cover it. Now, do a long side braid, but just divide your hair into two sections, and use all of the scarf as the third. Note: a scarf roughly the same length as your hair works best. Definitely was inspired by this Hermes ad.

2: Messy ponytail holder

-Simply make a messy tousled pony at the back of your head, secure with a rubber band then tie the scarf in a knot around the rubber band. The more pieces of hair you have falling out, the better.

One final note…Just remember to take it out before you jump in the water.

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