Scent of a beach house


While I dream of having a beach house 24/7, there’s one thing that’s immediately tangible in my current beige carpet rental with worn out linoleum: Having my home at least smell like it’s a home in close proximity to a white sandy beach lined with coconut trees. 

Divine air-smell-improvement stuff is amazing like that. I could walk into our bedroom – bed unmade, covered in a pile of laundry, with dog toys everywhere, but have a Malie diffuser in it…and be reminded of all the times I just stepped off the airplane on Oahu. 

So without further delay, here’s some great products that can help our homes at least smell like one that’s close to a beach.

Malie diffusers and candles. (Starting off with my all time favorite. I even wrote them a love letter a while ago.) A friend gave me one of these when I moved away from Hawaii as a way to make my new home smell like “home.” Such a gem of a friend. Really though, Malie nailed it. You can’t really bottle up the essence of Hawaii, but they got as close as possible. My personal favorite is the plumeria diffuser. (yes that’s the one my friend gave me), followed by anything Koke’e

LAFCO diffusers. Ok, these are definitely more of clean and luxurious beach house scent, which I need and appreciate, because our place isn’t clean or luxurious. Or near a beach. These bad boys not only look great, but they are potent. As in when I walk into the room where this baby is, it makes me think the window is open and an ocean breeze is flowing in. Instead of what’s really there: a closed window next to a trash can or toilet. So yes, the fragrance is clean, oceanesque, and strong. Plus, the glass container it comes in a hand blown glass vessel. So it’s a great smelling piece of art that reminds me of the ocean. #Winning. I have the Marine bathroom one (that alternates between our bathroom and Levi’s room). It was given as a gift. And I am VERY thankful. Especially on smelly days. 

Kai…Anything. Diffuser, candle…the magical gardenia and whatever else is in it combination is heavenly in any shape or form. It would be a sin not to include Kai in this roundup.

Diptyque tuberose candle – If there is ONE scent I could smell until my nose stopped working, it’s fresh tuberose. Leave it up to über luxurious candle company, Diptyque, to nail it, make me have an excuse to burn a candle 24/7, and repeatedly visit the store by our home just to go smell this beauty. 

Island company colada candle – Ok this smelled so good I could smell it before I even opened up the box it was shipped in. It’s made to smell like Island Company’s sunscreen (which smells amazing by the way). I’d like to imagine if I had a private concert on the beach with Kenny Chesney, this would definitely be what would be on each table. It’s just that good.

Butterfly orchid diffuser – ok I don’t own this, but I think it’s absolutely brilliant. If I ever made my own home fragrance line, I’d have the diffuser reeds be some sort of tropical flower porcelain mold too. Ahem, plumeria stems anyone?We could be on to something folks. Bravo Anthro. You did it again. Love how you find these gems.

and of course, last but not least, if all else fails…

Buy a bouquet of tropical flowers for your home (Ahem, tuberose) gaze at them, throw a lemon in the garbage disposal, put on some good smelling sunscreen and coconut oil instead of body lotion, and just imagine you are by the beach. 

Off to go investigate making some plumeria shaped diffusers now. 


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