The Beach House

This month is filled with lots of travels. Thankfully to places with warm and sunny beaches: Florida, then Mexico, and I’m headed back to Hawaii tomorrow. Good month. But also, I dunno, it reminds me of how much I want to end up back at the beach for the long haul one day. It’s better for me and my family’s psyche, better for the environment ( less flying), probably not better for my skin, but who knows, maybe some miracle laser that takes away sun damage will be invented by the time we’re at retirement age. Either way, as much as I’m grateful for all our blessings, big small, my travel, and day to day life…I still love dreaming of The Beach House.

So here are a few things that are making me want to stop bidding on stuff I don’t think I’ll win on eBay, but then end up winning and have to buy.

• I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more gorgeous vintage surf-inspired colorful retrolicious room than this one featured in Vogue Australia. It’s somewhere in the Hamptons. That chair. Ohhh that chair.

• And then, speaking of color, there’s this simple bathroom that would probably make you feel like you’re showering in sunshine.

• Polar opposite form color is this open-air scenic patio setup that makes me drool quite a bit, but also want to take a deep breath. Loos nice.

• I’d have ceramics from Black Mountain Ceramics all over the place. Holding plants (Maybe I’d actually be able to keep one alive) as well as any hot beverages. Jennifer, you’re brilliant.

• Just do yourself a favor and check out this tour of a Simon Harrer’s home in Malibu. Open concept, minimal but earthy with some color. Hallelujah. Queue a pinning spree…

• a non-negotiable is some sort of neon sign with something written out… the question is what shall it be: Welcome home beaches, Wave Hi, Bless this mess, …or I like this simple approach too. Which is a good reminder for a home.

Kawaiian Lion linens, or anything, please. Tius is their new Hula betty print. Also, it just feels weird doing a beach house post without something of theirs, considering I love every. single. creation.

…and last but not least, because there’s gotta be aboard in there somewhere, and a hanging chair/hammock inside, and an outdoor shower, and a reading nook…

• Always on the hunt or a cool way to hang a board up in the house…this nook is definitely a saver. Along with any others in this surfboard rack roundup over on Lush Palm (which is a really cool surf/travel blog.)

Dream baby Dream. Gosh, beach houses are cool.

Off to finish packing. Just kidding. I never unpacked from the last trip, and am just switching out some bikinis and tees.

Less is more might be good for that sign after all.

More Beach House posts aqui. Cheers to ideas to make your home feel closer to the beach.

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.







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