The Beach house.


A reality hit me last week. My husband and I are going to be a renters for a really really reheheheeeally long time. And I’m totally fine with it, for a few reasons. 1: Renting has it’s perks (I could list them, but that’s a whole other post), and 2: The one piece of property I want to officially own, design, remodel and decorate to my heart’s content…will be a beach house. 

I feel at home at the beach. Any beach. So, wherever life might take us, I’d like to have a little beach home somewhere warm and tropical, that we can always, officially call home. 

So, from time to time, I’ll post a few pics of necessities or inspiration that will help with the aforementioned little sandy, light and airy abode within close proximity to palm trees and surf. 

And I’m going to buy a bunch of powerball tickets.

Hope you enjoy this new little segment.

The necessities: Cowrie Chandelier //  A Beanock & dark floored living room  // A Reading Nook // Fun Tiled bathroom // Simple breezy bedroom

All pics via my beach house Pinterest board

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