The Beach House

Well, it’s currently 10 degrees outside, and I’m sitting in our relatively empty new home in Minnesota. My husband got a BIG TIME Gold Star and found us a seriously sweet new rental. (Which I am determined to somehow make feel like it’s a beach house.) However, it is still 10 degree weather. Maybe 8 degrees by now…so, the ocean front warm breeze beach beach house of my dreams is still alive and well.

So, here’s a few things that’ll be going in the frozen beach house, and a few for my wear a bikini 24/7 no central heating system or Sorel boots needed, beach house as well.

This palm print duvet cover from CB2 – I mean, it’s palm print duvet that’s totally cool and classy. It was pretty much made for me. 

• Why have just one floating shelf to display your sunnies when you can have six? Then paint the wall a bright color. I think I shall one day. I shall. 

• I think a few hundred thousand other people have this exact living room as their dream living room. Add me to the list, but just include a hammock in there somewhere.

A marquee table light begging to have some sort of warm/tropical thought written in it 24/7. You had me at aloha will be my first slogan. Yes this will be another CB2 purchase soon. Very soon. 

Removable palm print wallpaper. I did a happy dance whenI saw the navy and white combo. It’s made by a company in Poland who makes…really cool removable wallpaper. Check it out. 

I think some sort of massive retro looking surf art is always a good idea. Bonus points if it’s all in French, and well, is just pretty darn sweet. Like all the the Hoalen surf posters are. 

…and finally 

A huge chunky merino wool knit blanket. Because it feels great to dive into one of these whether it’s 60 degrees, or 6. 

And there you go. Dream baby dream, and in the meantime, keep the tropical vibe alive. 

And warm.

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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