The Beach House


Well, after living in our new completely empty rental for the past two weeks, the moving van is coming tomorrow. So, before I drown in a sea of cardboard boxes and packing paper for a few days, or week, or months, we shall se how long I will draw this one out (We still had unopened boxes in Minnesota)..I wanted to take some time and dream of The Beach House

I am super grateful for our new home, but being only a 10 minute drive from the beach has me craving and actual, walk out your back patio toes on thr situation even more. 

So here’s a few fun things I might try to include in that aforementioned dream home one day, or (poorly) attempt to recreate in our current rental in the meantime.

• I just think everything about this room is brilliant: Black and white tropical mural, the molding, the chair, the flooring. I’m drooling. 

A friendly, yet simple daily reminder as you leave, or enter, or go outside to check and see if what I ordered from Amazon has arrived.

• Whoever did this little this porch setup officially somehow read my mind. I’d drink even more coffee than I already do just to have an excuse to sit in it. 

Little succulent planter that also has your address on it. Damn this is a great idea. 

A painting by Thomas Sailot would be a great focal point for a room. Preferably one of his beach or surf themed ones. Man oh man, he has some gorgeous work. 

• If we can only afford a 1 ½ bath beach home, you can bet the little half bath is going to resemble this beauty. 

and finally…

• I need to grow up and have some coasters that I didn’t just steal from a bar. If I do, they shall be little metallic geode slivers, like these.

There you go. Dream baby dream. And invest in nice coasters.

Wish me luck unpacking. I’ll be checking out the rest of the beach house posts for inspiration/motivation to actually settle in this time. 

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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