Beach Ombre Nails



I have a mild obsession with LA Nail Artist Stephanie Stone. (If you don’t follow her instagram or tumblr, please do so por favor.) Anywho the other week she posted a Hawaii themed sand and sea nail art. It was love at first lacquered sight. I had to try. I have no clue how Steph did hers, but here’s how I did mine.

1. Paint nails with 2 coats of a bright opaque blue color. My fave = Illamasqua Nudge.

2. Let dry. Go do something that doesn’t require using your hands for a few minutes.

3. Then grab a makeup sponge, and paint a side of the wide end with few strokes of an opaque sand colored polish. I used Essie Sand Tropez.

4. Now “sponge paint” the top half of your nail. Concentrating more on the tip area and only a few dabs up towards the middle.

5. Go back and paint the tips with the sand color polish, like you would a french tip manicure.

6. Your nails will probably look like absolute crap right now. Never fear top coat to the rescue.

7. Paint on some glossy top coat and watch the polish blend into a freaking ombretastic little manicure.

8. Donezo. Thanks Steph for the inspo.

Bikini by Kai Lanai…more to come on their line soon 🙂

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