Scent of a Beach Bum


I have a mild obsession with smelling good. Not the overwhelming type of smell good that makes your eyes water or people with lots of allergies sneeze and get itchy. But, you know, the faint, tropical smell, that doesn’t really smell like you are wearing perfume, and never makes my husband say “you smell like an old lady.”

Alas, here are my go to scents. So even if we never meet, you’ll know what I smell like. Even if that sounds a little creepy.

Top to bottom, left to right:

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir: Oh Jo, you know how to make someone smell freaking fantastic. You can mix and match her fragrances, but I can never seem to stray from Pomegranate Noir. Ok Grapefruit is sneaking up in there.

Sharon Bolton Truth, Luv, or Soul: I only found one retailer carrying Sharon’s amazing scents. So stock up! Whenever I wear any one of her 3 oils, I get a “what are you wearing?” in a very good way. Bonus points for being alcohol fee and long lasting. 

Fresh Sugar Lychee: I could bathe in this. It is so…fresh smelling with a hint of Lychee. Duh. Get a sample. Get a small bottle. Get on the bandwagon, and get addicted. 

Malie Organics Perfume oil. Whenever I go to their store in Kauai, I pretty much douse myself in any tester available. Everything is organic, and reminds me of trips to Kauai. I posted the Plumeria, but every single fragrance is worth buying, in perfume, lotion, body wash…and home spray…and candles.

Kai. Three letters. Three words. Absolutely scentsationally cool. It’s the definition of an awesome, tropical perfume for people who don’t like perfume. I also love the body spray shimmer dry oil. Kai. Simply. Rocks.

So there you go. The many favorite scents of this beach bum. Enjoy 🙂

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