In my opinion, the times when

In my opinion, the times when you are carefree and things are simple, is when life seems to be at it’s finest.

Times when the most appropriate thing to wear is, something like…overalls. 

Overalls are comfy, simple, carefree, and release your inner child. Releasing your inner child, reminds you of how great and simple life can be. Which then makes you want to go play in the sprinklers, or get ice cream, ride your bike, or have a picnic, or go play at the beach, or set up a lemonade stand (If you are over 21 that lemonade stand might be a vodka lemonade stand) or, I don’t know, go on a road trip, or do something that’s no frills, down to earth, fun.

My reasoning might sound out of the blue, but I think it’s completely rational.

Life is great. Especially when overalls are involved.


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