Beach Outing

Well, Levi is almost two weeks old, and it was my personal goal to get to the beach in some form each week. Last week, my husband and I took the pup and kiddo for the first family barefoot beach walk. (Lub dub.) Then, this week, my mom and I got to christen my beach teepee for his inaugural beach outing. 

And, of course, I had to document this momentous occasion. 

Digging my toes in some warm sand, hearing the waves, and being able to watch the kiddo smile as we hung out was just a wee bit therapeutic, would be an all time understatement. 

It was, for lack of me clicking over to visual thesaurus to find a better word, bliss.  

That is, once I figured out how to put up the teepee in the wind. Which took me a few tries. 

Note to self. Reading and following instructions help.

Cheers to getting outside, figuring new stuff out each and every day, soaking up any moment or expression with Levi…and stylish indigo boholicious sun protection.

So, if you need to find me, once a week we’ll try to be in the tee pee.

Teepee by Ginger and Gillian. (Thank you, gracias, merci beaucoup, mahalos, and gratzie for this beauty Jessie) // Toms sunglasses. // And a big case of permagrin, with a side of espresso. 

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