Beach Hair 101: Feather Hair Extensions. Flyaways are in

Blame it on Richard Tyler, Coachella or everyone’s inner bohemian, but the quintessential element to beach hair this spring and summer is…Feather Hair Extensions.

At first, images of of Peter Pan & Pocahontas flashed through my mind, but after seeing the actual extensions in the hair (think long, wispy, colored and striped) and learning you can brush, curl, wash, straighten, braid, and treat them just like normal hair, I was instantly intrigued. Then after reading more in depth – realized this is a brilliant and gorgeous idea. It’s a fresh, quick and easy way to spice up your do’ for summer, makes you feel a wee bit like a rocker, and can be as crazy or subtle as you’d like.

My one suggestion is to keep it simple, too many and cats might start attacking your head.

So here are a few ways to get some hair that is truly fly. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Visit Fine Featherheads. (pictured above) This is the Versace of feather extensions. The Best. Find a local salon/provider nearest you (here) and go for it.

Search Etsy – There are thousands of listings for Hair Feather Extensions and Clip in Feather Extensions.  It’s a non-committal fix and easy way to jump on this trend bandwagon for under $20.

Steven Tyler, Tweety Bird, and the crazy guy running around wearing a headdress all of these years, thanks for the inspiration. I love this trend. It’s tweet.

Ok, done.

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