Beast and Babe


I’ve been slacking on writing about my pup, Kili, on here, which is odd because she is my four legged best friend and gives my heart permagrin. I even created an instagram tag for her (ahem, #kilithepup). So, if you are a fellow dog lover (or know someone who is), I wanted to talk about a rather rad company that’s making über cool travel-inspired pup gear, and also helping out less fortunate pups. It’s called Beast and Babe.

Kelsie Macray started Beast and Babe with by her pup, Yogi, in order to make leashes and collars that reflected their relationship “modern, wild, and full of good vibes.” Well, I don’t know if I should give Kelsie a high five, or Yogi a life-long supply of duck jerky treats and tennis balls. Ok, how about both. Because these are just some darn cool dog collars and leashes. 

Here is my checklist of why:

• All collars are made from artisan and vintage fabrics from around the world. Many are hand loomed, dyed, or embroidered. Check it out: when you click on a product and it tells you the story behind the fabric. Sweet.

• All the hardware is patina’d solid brass that is tough (and low in allergens) but also oh-so pretty. 

• The collars are lightweight, super comfortable, and your dog feels cool wearing one. (Kili told me this).

• And here’s the tug on your heartstrings part: Beast and Babe partnered with an non-profit called Peace Animals who helps spay and neuter homeless and neglected animals in Mexico. So, with every item Beast and Babe sells, you help with that, along with helping to provide medical treatment and vaccination for fleas, ticks, worms and mange to one of those animals. 

• All products are also hand made in LA, the company is based in Venice beach, and Kelsie wants to start a ranch for rescue dogs. 

• And because dogs rule, and deserve some cool gear too. 

…end checklist. 

**I got you all a discount. Take 20% off at with code: fishkiss20 now until August 15. 

Beast and babe, you rock.

Now, I am off to play fetch with Kili. She is trying to put a tennis ball on my laptop keyboaawrd, which; iss cauf8sing lorts orf typoejs. 


Available at (and if you want  a bunch of cool pup pics, be sure to follow them on instagram @beast_and_babe  (Yup. All the pics in the collage above are from their account. I got a Kili beach pic in there too)

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