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Umm yeah. About that once a month beauty lineup post. I kind of missed a month, or four. So, without any more delay, here’s a bunch of beauty products that are getting two enthusiastic thumbs up, with neon flying colors. And a gold star or two. From me. 

Jane Cosmetics blushing bronze duo and nude lip glosses – When it comes to everyday makeup, I keep things super natural and user friendly. It also helps when it’s cost efficient and charitable. Well, these make the cut. In the blush department, peach tones (according to most makeup artists I’ve worked with) should be my go to. Add a little bronze shimmer….Muwah. Love this duo. Then, the glosses: They are that fun quasi opaque neutral color that makes your lips look fuller, but not like you kissed a tub of glue. I honestly have a tube on me at all times. Also, fun fact: for every Jane cosmetics sold, Jane donates one equal beauty product to a local woman’s shelter. So that makes wearing some of their cosmetics juuuuust that much more lovely. 

• Rose Hip Seed Oil – I’ve heard lot of people raving about rose hip oil for their face. Well I bought it for stretch mark prevention, and have also been using it on my face. Results? Both belly and cheeks are soft, and the skin is feeling rather great. I’ll probably do a post just about this oil someday. Hopefully soon. Rumor has it Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton also use it. So consider yourself in the rad rose hip girl squad should you take the plunge. 

• Your Tea – Antioxidant Tea – Yes, there are certain things you can consume that make you look and feel better. Consider this tea one of them. First off it tastes so good you won’t want to add any sweetener to it. Secondly, it’s just really good for you to consume and hydrate with. Because it’s full of good stuff. I love making a huge pot of it and pouring it over ice throughout the day to aid in my iced tea addiction. And I feel rather anti-oxidized as a result. It’s also an Australian company. Which I also think is cool. Because I want to travel there soon. 

• Elemental Herbs All Good Coconut Body lotion – This is by far the best body lotion I’ve slathered on in a long time. I also tried samples in the Lavender and Lemongrass, along with their straight up coconut oil, which were all equally delicious. It’s thick, all natural, super hydrating, not greasy, full of tons of good, high quality stuff (yes rose hip seed oils makes an appearance), none of the bad chemical gunk or fillers, and is made up the coast in Morro Bay, CA. My husband even loves it. Which I like, and don’t like, because we fight over it. Kind of. I’m hiding it next time. 

• Algenist – Melting cleanser – I got this in a gift bag at en event, and it’s honestly the most intriguing cleanser I’ve ever used. #1 – It has some super miracle algae in it, then #2 – It comes out of the tube like a gel, but when you massage it on your face (you put it on your face when it’s dry) it turns into an oil, and then when you add a little water…it’s a milky cleanser. I love it. Big time. 

Ken Paves Dry Shampoo – I use dry shampoo more than real shampoo. It’s the truth. So saying this is my favorite dry shampoo, is saying a lot. It’s lightweight, but adds volume, doesn’t leave your hair white and chalky, is reasonably priced, and has a distinct scent (kind of like a musk-y Aveda) so your hair smells great, without smelling like you just doused your hair in dry shampoo. Bravo Ken. Bravo. 

Josie Maran – Nirvana hydrating Facial mist – I just bought this a week ago, and am already telling people to go buy it. I didn’t know a toner could brighten up and plump up your skin this much, but this stuff does. I’m mildly obsessed. Blame it on the argan oil, coconut water, and other good stuff. It’s the first product I’ve tried of Josie’s line, and I think I’ll be trying much more. Plus the bottle is gorgeous, which is always and added perk. 

Kevyn Aucion Celestial Bronzing Veil – Whenever I’ve worn this someone has complimented me on my skin. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, It’s just one of those perfect subtle rosy bronze shimmers that gives you a natural glow, and you kind of feel like JLo in a music video. You know where she’s dancing around some pool in Miami looking flawless. Or maybe that was Shakira. You get the point. It’s good stuff. 

and last but not least…

• Comptoir Sud Pacifique -Coco Extreme – After dousing myself in this at the Letarte Store in Maui, I had to buy a bottle…and haven’t stopped dousing myself since. Oh the power of a tester. And smelling like coconut and vanilla.  It smells like vacation in a spray bottle. It’s delicious. I’m going to go spray some on now.

There you have it. This month’s lineup…Donezo.

Will do my best to not go 4 months until the next one. 

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