The Lineup


It’s kind of amazing how many beauty products one can accumulate, how many I am absolutely loving, how innovative yet simple some products are are, and how freaking fantastic some of them cam make you feel.

High fives all around. Now…time for the lineup.

Spin For Perfect Skin brush – I’ve been using a skin brush in some form for the past seven or so years. I swear by them. And like to think my face doesn’t look like a group of sun spot constellations as a result. This one’s pretty cool in that it has interchangeable heads, one with soft bristles, one for exfoliating, one big ‘ol honker you can use for your body, and a pumice stone should I ever want to tackle my leather feet problem. It’s simple. It can be used in the shower, and my skin feels fresh, clean and smooth every time I use it. Oh yeah, minor detail: if anyone wants to get in on the skin brush phenomenon, this baby’s only $30 here (it’s usually $99.99) with the code: GK4SPIN2 ….spintastic. 

Frank Body Balm – Juuust when I thought Frank couldn’t do any more good for my bod, he brought along a balm for the after shower scrub party. This nutrient packed (Think: coffee seed extract, coconut and grape seed oils, cocoa and shea butter) hydrating, goodness has the best texture (not too oily but not too thick) and my skin just eats this stuff up. Coffee scrub followed by lathering up with this goodness has become a twice a week ritual my skin loves, and my stretch marks are petrified of. Which is a great thing. 

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer – Also known as the greatest primer known to mankind. It had this pearl tint that just makes your skin look glow. It’s so great, some days I just put this on, then don’t even put tinted moisturizer on top if it. It’s so great, I might start a national Laura Mercier Radiance Primer Appreciation Day. 

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch Of Glow Stick – Also knows as my new favorite concealer. This was one of those drugstore impulse buys, that I am actually patting myself on the back for. It’s a thick creamy stick, that is one part concealer, one part highlighter, one part annoying skin problem eraser. This thing rocks. 

Edible Beauty by The Beauty Apothecary – A big ‘ol post about this new line from Australia is coming soon. So count this as a teaser. Developed by naturopath and nutritionist, Anna Mitsios, Edible Beauty is a line of 100% pure botanical and luxurious skin care that’s, yup, good enough to eat. Yes. You can eat this stuff. It’s that au natural. And I’m loving it. I’ve been using the Core Four lineup, and I think it’s rather amazing. I have yet to actually eat any of it. But I might try just to see if it tastes as good as it feels. 

Aloha – Daily Good Greens – Speaking of stuff you can actually eat…these greens rock. And if you are as into the whole get all the greens you can get into your body because they are so freaking good for your skin, health and wellness craze as I am…welp, here you go. I mainly mix a packet into a smoothie, or just with some water and chug it. I can honestly say I feel pretty darn good on days when I take one of these packets. And it just makes me crave more healthy stuff in general those days too. Yeah superfoods.

Glop & Glam Creamsicle Mist Moisturizing Detangler – Also known as the best smelling leave in conditioner evahhhhh. The entire line is geared towards kids so they can gain an appreciation for haircare that’s alcohol and paraben free, but I am a kid at heart so, yeah, I can appreciate a super lightweight conditioner that smells like a creamsicle. I use it on dry hair as a refresher when my hair feels like straw (yeah bleach), or spray a bunch on before blow drying. I miiiiight have also sprayed a little on my dog too after her bath, just so she can look extra shiny and smell like a four legged ice cream truck. 

Julep Lip Gloss – in Adored – Also known as the perfect bright but not too bright but also kind of pastel pink lip gloss. Plus, Julep doesn’t just make their lip glosses solely to make your lips look luscious, they are all about great ingredients so the gloss is actually good for your lips too (think: Rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ and Green coffee bean oil). So, this stuff is also better than a bunch of lip balms that are out there too. A perfectly pink hydrated pout. Muwah. 

And there you go. This month’s lineup…donezo.

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