The Lineup


I’ve been scoring/impulse buying some rather sweet, under the radar beauty products lately. So yep. I’m definitely excited to finally get my act in gear and share them with you. 

Now, if only I had an event or occasion to get all dolled up for. Oh well. The day to day fun (and beachy) beauty goods are more my deal anyways. 

Here we go. A few lovelies from the latest lineup. 

Left to Right, top to bottom. 

• Edible Beauty Desert Lime Face Polish and Coco Bliss Regenerating Mask – The Edible Beauty team sent me this duo with orders to take a minute, relax and pamper myself. Well. 1: that was super sweet and 2: I’ve followed their orders. Numerous times. And love this “pamering duo.” The face polish is super gentle, and honestly might be the best smelling stuff I’ve ever put on my face. I use it even when I’m not pampering, and am just showering or need a pick me up. The Mask? Well I have it on my face as I am typing this post. And I’m not even much of a mask gal. It somehow makes your skin glow and feel plumper. Need I say more? Didn’t think so. Available at and Sephora Australia.

Dr Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Oil. – Aka a miracle oil. I swear. Lots of Vitamin C in this stuff. Use 3 drops day and night. No extra sensitivity to sun. Prepare for some very happy skin. You can see it’s almost empty in the pic. You betcha I’m restocking soon. Dr Dennis Gross rocks my world. 

• My bkr glass water bottle – Because drinking water is the numero uno beauty tool. And I have one of these stylish glass bottles adorned in colorful silicone on me 24/7. Just ask my husband. I don’t leave home or go to bed without one in arms reach. 

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics 100% natural lip & Cheek Tint. – Just got these and am loving them. A lot. The coral hibiscus tint is just as bright and tropical as it’s name implies. And it stays on really well. High five for tints. It also has lots of good stuff in it (shea butter, argan oil, coconut cream), and the colors are derived from plant, vegetable and fruit pigments and pure minerals. Bright pink Lip Stain that’s colored with beetroot and carrot extract…yes please. 

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing fibre gel – I was victim to the cute little Benefit vending machine in the Austin Airport a month or so ago. But it’s the best vending machine purchase I’ve made since…some cheez-its when I was hangry. I love this stuff. It’s like a mini mascara wand filled with a tinted brow filler & tamer. That makes me look like I have great, full brows. Which I don’t.

Pacifica Coconut Infused Mineral eye Shadow – Coconut water infused, great for travel, perfect neutral colors (with some fun ones to mix in)…all in one super cute little palette. Count me in. Yes, coconut water has made it’s way to eye shadow. And I couldn’t be happier. 

Pür Minerals Lip Lure Hydrating Lip Lacquer. – Is the longest lasting lip gloss I’ve ever used. It’s thick, goes on easily, gives you tons of color, and doesn’t make you look like you made out with a tub of Elmer’s Glue. I went to the beach the other day, and after swimming for a bit and hanging for a few hours, my husband even noticed my lips were still laquered. That says a lot. Graceful and Belle are my favorite colors. Muwah. 

Haconut Organic coconut body scrub – Don’t worry, this isn’t a coffee scrub (You all know I’m loyal to Frank). It’s a new kind of body scrub, and it’s…all coconuts baby. The base of the scrub is coconut shell powder. Then that base is combined with even more coconut and tropical deliciousness like: coconut palm sugar, coconut flakes, pacific sea salt, virgin coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba oil. Yum, yum, scrub ma buns. It’s a little more gentle than a coffee scrub, yet a but more hydrating. I am intrigued and I am a fan. Actually I’m going coco for it. (Had to go there, sorry) 

Oscar Blandi Braid Paste – My favorite styling product at the moment. It’s like a matte pomade. So your hair gets a little dirty and piecey looking – but not at all greasy, shiny, or Pauly D looking. Buy some if you can. And yes, it makes your braided do’s stay put too. 

Then Finally…

• Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 – Thank you Olaplex for showing me the light. My bleached blonde once frail and breaking hair now feels like it’s been caressed by John Cena. Or The Rock. Or any WWE superstar with huge trapezius muscles who also acts. This patented formula is patented for a reason. It works. If you have fine, thin, damaged, breaking or bleached hair…give it a go. 

The lineup: October, 2015…Done. 

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