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Ohhhh December. Skin needs hydration, exfoliation, and a little extra TLC. Then our moods need tropical vibes, coconuts, and reminders of warm beach days. Shimmery stuff and products that help with beach waves are a good call too. So, figured I’d share this lovely l’il lineup that’s been helping me with all of the above.

Also, since it’s the season of giving, there miiiiight be a giveaway for people who have the attention span to read this whole post…

Without further delay, here are some products that are making my wintery skin (yes, it gets cold in NW Florida) feel less grinch-like, among many other things…

Moroccanoil – Dry Body Oil and Shimmering body oil – When you think Moroccanoil you usually think hair, but they’ve sent me some deliciously hydrating body products I now swear by. This dry oil is incredibly hydrating (gracias argan, olive, and avocado oil) but not greasy whatsoever, and the Shimmering Oil is also über hydrating…with a niiiiice touch of glow. Which is always needed this time of year when I feel like I look like a croissant.

Tarte Rainbow of The Sea Eye Shadow Palette – I had to show off the palette in the pic (since it’s all glittery and mermaidish) but the actual eyeshadows are all natural, beach-inspired, creamy, slightly shimmery hues. Yum. And can be applied with just your finger. Double. Yum.

Malie Organics Koke’e Body wash and Coconut Vanilla Body Polish – Our bathroom officially smells like Hawaii whenever I shower. Queue the Hallelujah chorus, for this divine sensory experience. With a ukulele playing the tune. (Also, I highly recommend anything by Malie as a gift for anyone who is missing Hawaii. Trust me.)

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer – I’ve heard nothing but great things about Charlotte’s products, so I was pretty pumped when they wanted to send me some concealer to try…especially since I have a love-hate relationship with concealers. I’m loving this one. Lightweight, blends easily, stays on. Holla.

Eye Of Horus Cosmetics – These little black and gold, straight out of Byron,  lovelies are my daily go to-s. The Goddess Mascara (waterproof yet not full of toxic gunk) Brow Fibre Extend (Helps me look like I give a damn about my brows even though I haven’t had them done in over 3 years), and the Bio Lipstick in Freya Rose. If I’m feeling saucy, I’ll swipe on some eyeshadow (all neutrals). Gosh, this line is just so rad. But natural. 

Navy Haircare Style Navigator – I got this in a gift bag back in Miami and just recently started using it on my beach waves…and have had lots of freakishly amazing, non-frizzy, long-lasting, shiny, beach wave days. Pretty sure this spray is the reason. 

Kopari Coconut Rose Toner – This lovely l’il bottle is simply a calming, fresh and simple skin pick me upper. Kopari can do no wrong. Kopari makes me and my crazy skin happy. My pits go loco ( in a good smelling way) for The Coconut Deo (kind of pictured) too. 

Ritual – Essential vitamin for Women – Another Miami gift bag item that I started using, then went on their website to check it out, was fascinated, then was bombarded with facebook ads (and ads everywhere) until I finally caved. But I am glad I did. These vitamins make sense. I can honestly say I feel a difference when I take them regularly, and my skin is way less moody too. Check back with me in 6 months for a final verdict. 

Derma E face oils – I’m all about the face oils, aka hydration and glow-boosters with cool, clean, ingredients. They just feel…right on my skin. So I’ve been really loving this duo. Rejuvenating Sage & Lavendar or Radiant Glow (has a little shimmer) = queue some winter skin plumpers/savers/skin radiators. (Pun intended.)

Peace out Acne healing dots + Peace out puffy eyes undereye patches = These are little clear stickers you put on your zits (Then I leave them on overnight) They make sure the acne medicine is absorbed (I haven’t had any sensitivity issues), and they also make sure I stop picking at my face. Wins across the board. The puffy eyes are little cooling and soothing eyepatches. Which I didn’t’ realize how much I needed until used them. I might be wearing both as I type this. Just imagine the glamour. 

and last but not least.

kai*rose body butter – I wish I could eat this stuff. Yes it feels/tastes that good. And kai eau de parfum – brb, gonna go put some more on and think tropical thoughts… (If anyone has someone hard to shop for, here you go. One can never have too much kai.)

December Lineup, ( that could double as a beauty gift ideas guide), done. 

****And here’s the GIVEAWAY. In an effort to share the love (aka free products I get to test out and share), and have a package to look forward to, I’m giving away a box of beauty products to try (unused, promise). To enter: Just let me know if there’s any beauty product you were ever given as a gift that you absolutely loved. (Yes, sephora gift cards can count.) Leave a comment below. Winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week. ** And the winner is Betsy Sherrock! Thank you all for the entries. LOVED reading them and it’s so cool to learn about new products and the fun stories behind each gift. Cheers! -Rebekah 

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