The Lineup


I need all the help I can get, in the beauty department, lately. I mean I feel good, but still, a few items seems to be saving me. And brightening up my medicine cabinet. Which really needs to be organized.

So here’s a few of the beauty products that are in the lineup lately.

Left to right, top to bottom.

Keokeo coconut oil tooth whitener – You know coconut oil pulling, well it’s a recent phenomenon, and this is a way to do it easily. Cut open a cute little packet of minty fresh coconut oil, swirl in your mouth for 5-15 minutes, and repeat daily (with a new packet) until teeth and gums are brighter and healthier. Eat your heart out bleach. FYI, I am attempting to write this entire post while pulling…

Keyvn Aucion The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting – This stuff is just…amazing. It gives you glowing skin, without looking like you are using makeup that’s trying to give you glowing skin. Just trust me on this one. It’s amazing.

10 and CO 10G Light Hydrating Body Oil – This stuff again. I swear by 10 and CO’s body oils, slathered this on my belly religiously during the BIG parts of my pregnancy, and still use it daily. My skin got addicted to it. Plus the two gals who started this company are super rad. 

invisibobble hair ties – These are THE BEST hair ties for topknots. I repeat THE BEST hair ties for topknots. Why? They somehow make my emaciated, fine hair top knot look full, messy and voluminous. Oh yeah, they are great for ponytails too. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in 54 Boy – I don’t know if I should publicly admit this, but ever since my mom bought this for me right after I had Levi, I do not leave the house without this. It’s super flattering alone, or layered on an opaque color. Muwah.

Kai Body Glow – Kai. Need I say more? Any excuse to wear this absurdly perfect tropical fragrance is a good one. A hydrating slightly shimmering body spray is one of them. Yum. 

Tonic Luster Leave in Conditioner – This stuff travels with me to all salt water involved destinations. And is also in my bathroom. I wrote about it in a previous post but it wasn’t pictured because TSA confiscated it. Here it is again. Because I love it. Oh yeah, Levi uses it too. And his hair is already amazing. 

Yes To Coconuts – You know the Yes To line, Yes to Carrots, Yes to Blueberries, Yes to Tomatoes…well now there’s Yes to Coconuts, for your face. Yhatzeee!! Super hydrating coconut oil based stuff. I am a huge fan of the cleanser. Especially in uber dry and smoggy LA. And I mean it’s coconut. How could I say anything but yes to them. 

Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation and Primer  – I’m not much of a foundation type of gal, mainly because I don’t like looking like I am wearing foundation. But I’ve come to that point in my life when I need to use it. Thankfully this stuff gives you that “really great skin” look without looking like you are wearing foundation. Fascinating really. Maybe it’s the formula, maybe it’s the primer. I just dab a light layer on with my fingers and then layer it on more where I need more coverage. So far I have yet to look like Magda.

Tangle teaser Brush – An “I don’t even think about traveling anywhere without this” thing. It’s a wet or dry brush that fits in the palm of your hand, minimizes hair breakage, feels great on your scalp, is great for teasing your roots, and combing through hair after showering or getting out of the water. Yes, I love a little plastic brush.

Yes that’s a corner of a packet of Frank Body scrub. The chocolate one. Keeping it real folks. I am a devoted frank user. A beauty product post feels naked without a packet somehow making an appearance.

Trader Joe’s coconut body butter – Pretty sure this is proving to be my all time favorite body butter. Pretty relieved it’s under $7, not greasy, super hydrating, and smells freaking fantastic.

then finally…

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk™ Intensive Hydrating Treatment – My skin just drinks this up, and looks rather happy afterwards. Feels great too. One of my best impulse Sephora buys I’ve ever had. Argan milk. It does your skin a whole lotta good.  

Ok and one one more not pictured because I just got it at an event this afternoon, (and this pic was taken yesterday,) but had to rave about it. I just used Sonage Gommage exfoliating gel mask, and it’s the bomb. My face feels like a baby’s bum. Plus it smells like an entire botanical spa facial in a tube. And exfoliating my face this way was fun: Put a thin layer on your face, let it dry for a minute, then rub it all off. You can literally see the dead skin coming off your face. Nice.

The Lineup: January 2016… Donezo. 

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